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Brew Guides by THE BARN

Hi friends,

We're totally thrilled to welcome THE BARN to Baba Budan next Wednesday, October 18 for their Curated Cupping event. The Berlin-based roaster conducts these events across Europe as a means to spread their roasting philosophy, approach to freshness and why it matters for coffee drinkers and producers. Head on over to our homepage to register for this event; it's free and open to all.

In advance of the event, we'd also like to help share their philosophy with our Scottish customers by sharing these super convenient infographics produced by THE BARN. There's nothing better than having a delicious cup of fresh coffee at home, so follow the brew guides below to receive instructions.

Chemex Brewing Guide

Aeropress Brewing Guide

V60 Brewing Guide

You can visit for more information, or pop into Baba Budan and we'll be happy to assist.