Baba Budan is a coffee shop based at The Arches on East Market Street, Edinburgh

Baba Budan is a coffee shop based in Edinburgh. As a business, they want to create an environment that puts people at ease, provides them with the best possible customer service, and creates a sense of community.

Baba Budan is located on the ground floor of The Arches national building in Edinburgh. They have been around for nearly five years now and they have seen many transformations in that time. In 2018 they entered a new dimension by partnering with AI software to assist their employees and help them provide the best possible customer service.

Baba Budan is a coffee shop based at The Arches on East Market Street, Edinburgh. It is the most famous and iconic landmark in Scotland.

The Arches has been at the heart of Edinburgh since 1818 and is renowned for its remarkable architecture.

It was designed by architect William Playfair as a cast-iron arcade but by the late 19th century, it had fallen into disrepair as it became increasingly derelict. In 1977, The Arches underwent a major renovation which restored much of its Victorian splendour.

Baba Budan provides all the comfort and warmth of home. They offer a menu of hot and cold drinks, free Wi-Fi, homemade cake and much more.

Baba Budan is lying at the heart of Edinburgh’s city centre and was founded in 2014 by husband-and-wife team Adam Wardle and Sarah Mackenzie. They’ve also been awarded as Best Coffee Shop in Edinburgh from The List.

The shop is owned by an Egyptian who, despite being British, couldn’t find a pharamacy to get his morning fix.

All of the best coffee in Scotland comes to this humble Edinburgh cafe – the perfect place for a caffeine hit before or after a walk across Arthur’s Seat or up to Holyrood.

Baba Budan is a small coffee shop based at The Arches in Edinburgh, and is one of the many coffee shops in the city that provide independent coffee.

The Arches is an independent coffee shop located on East Market Street, Edinburgh. It overlooks Princes Street Gardens and has many large windows to watch the world go by. Its presence can be felt throughout the whole city, being only a few meters away from Haymarket station.

Baba Budan was established in 2014 and is owned by Sarah Stirling and James Mather, who also own The V&A Cafe.

Baba Budan is a coffee shop based at The Arches on East Market Street, Edinburgh. It has a laid back atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. Pints usually cost £4. They have many craft beers on offer for those looking for a different kind of drink.

Baba Budan has been voted Edinburgh’s best coffee shop by locals on Trip Advisor and they serve everything from freshly ground beans to their espresso machine’s own blend, which they make the old-fashioned way by hand.

An informal atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating, this cafe has a wide range of craft beers for those looking for another type of drink or just something different from standard espresso drinks, which are made by hand in their espresso machine’s own blend.